I am an professional Asian mistress based in Sydney Australia, I enjoy a wide range of activities and light sensation play as well as playing with an advanced Submissive . I am always open to explore new territory and play out your fantasies.

I was born in Beijing, grew up in Australia. I have finished my master degree in accounting at UNSW. I can speak fluent English, I always traveling between Australia - China.

A Naturally Dominant Goddess I wield the power to humble little men like you. My style of Domination ranges from playful and sensual to very strict and demanding, depending on my mood. Erotic domination, discipline, fetishes, sadistic and perverted games these are my real passions!

Come with me, Let me take you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams to those places that you have kept in hiding deep in the dark crevasses of your mind.

My foot is very tasty, don't you want to try it?

Cell Phone: 0410069311 (Australia)
                  13691338505 (China)

QQ: 1942128186 (Australia)
       2622844474 (China)

Weichat: janeli8888

Email: mistress_jane@hotmail.com.au

Website: www.asianmistressjane.com



Mistress Jane Now in Singapore from 15th to 22nd November, Pre-booking is required. WeChat: janeli8888 WhatsApp: +6584193290 Email: mistress_jane@hotmail.com.au

Mistress Jane blue ray DVD made by Japanese Yapoo with Japanese mistress!

For purchase please call 13691338505 or email me on mistress_jane@hotmail.com.au

Mistress Jane will go to Melbourne from April 8th to April 12th Pre-booking advance!

For sessions please contact Email:mistress_jane@hotmail.com.au

Contact number:0410069311 for booking.


Attention: Someone has stolen my photos made a ads on backpage and more than 10 people has been screwed up! Contact me on wechat and video confirm with me before I arrive!

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  • Asian Mistress Jane
  • Asian Mistress Jane
  • Asian Mistress Jane
  • Asian Mistress Jane
  • Asian Mistress Jane